PingPort is a command-line utility that will let you ping a TCP port and see what is the latency between you and the pinged server.



  • Ping any TCP port
  • Can be called using protocol port name instead of port number (such as https,dns,rpc … full list in Sources/Protocol.ini)
  • Can beep if status is changing from online to offline and vice versa
  • Displays how much time the equipment has been offline
  • Sub-millisecond latency display
  • Execute specific scripts (exe, ps1, or bat)  when going up or down
  • Two versions : Setup installer (coming back soon) and Portable


Usage : pingport HOSTNAME:PROTOCOL [–timeout:VALUE] [–beep]

Options :

  • HOST : can be supplied using either its HOSTNAME or IP
  • PORT : a valid TCP port / protocol shortname (http,ssh,telnet,dns …)
  • -b / –beep : beep when coming offline (low-pitch) / online (high-pitch)
  • -t / –test-only : Test only one time and returns 0 if down, 1 if up
  • -i : / –interval: Timeout in milliseconds (default is 1000)
  • –script-down: / -sd: Script (exe, ps1 or bat) to execute when going down
  •  –script-up: / -su: Script (exe, ps1 or bat) to execute when going up

Examples :

  • pingport
  • pingport –beep -t:2000 -sd:”C:\down.exe”