AutoConf iSCSI creates the iSCSI configuration following best practices for ESXi 4, 5 and 6 (new in version 2.1)

It currently works for HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE MSA P2000, HPE StoreVirtual and Dell Equallogic


  • Automatically discovers vmnics, vmhba, vswitches and vmkernel
  • Creates a vSwitch
  • Sets up vmkernel ports with IP (and jumbo frames if set)
  • (MSA mode only) alternates IP on each subnet
  • Links only one vmnic to each vmkernel ports
  • Bind each vmkernel port to software iSCSI vmhba
  • Enables software iSCSI
  • Changes PSP to Round Robin only for your storage array paths



Install vSphere CLI and login/logout (or you may experience libxml.dll errors)


  • Select your type of storage between HP MSA, HP LeftHand and Equallogic
  • Enter IP/hostname of an ESX/ESXi + username + password (will not work if a vCenter is provided instead !)
  • Enter Starting IP address and netmask (you should have at least “selected vmnics” * 1 IP available)
  • (MSA mode only) Enter second starting IP (should be in a distinct subnet !)
  • Click automatic discovery to discover physical ports
  • Select the vmnics connected on your iSCSI network
  • Click RUN or DRY-RUN
  • A log is created for each day and contains every commands runned