Slym Softwares are free and open-source softwares made by Thibaut Lauzière.

They are all developed using the excellent AutoIT framework.

  • Christopher
    #1 written by Christopher  7 years ago

    Hi the download link ist not ok for vSphere Configuration Backup.
    Can you help me?

    • Tibo
      #2 written by Tibo  7 years ago

      It’s fixed. I migrated my website to a new server and forgot to adjust the download paths.

  • Terry Wilson
    #3 written by Terry Wilson 6 years ago

    Are you planning on updating the esxi backup utility for vmware 5.5. and upcoming release 6.0? We love this app and don’t want to see it go away!

    • Tibo
      #4 written by Tibo  6 years ago

      I don’t think I have to modify the code. It should work fine with ESXi 5.5. If you try it please send a feedback (working or not).

  • ITAdminCRBC
    #5 written by ITAdminCRBC  6 years ago

    Any plans to implement restore into this? It would be 100 times more helpful if it could also restore the configuration.

    • Tibo
      #6 written by Tibo  6 years ago

      I’m not sure about restores. It’s already a one-liner in vSphere CLI. Did you ever had to restore a config on an ESXi ? I just want to be sure that no one will try to restore without fully understanding the process.

    • ITAdminCRBC
      #7 written by ITAdminCRBC  6 years ago

      Also one more thing, the comments sections do not work on any browser, not firefox, safari, or IE. They are all cut off and you cannot scroll to the bottom.

  • ITAdminCRBC
    #8 written by ITAdminCRBC  6 years ago

    Basically I couldn’t see your reply until I posted my last comment. The page doesn’t load correctly on any of my browsers on my mac or PC.

    No, I have never done a restore. I might have to do it next week so I was looking for a good way to do it, and your page popped up. I am not familiar with PowerCLI.

    Third, I do have PowerCLI Installed and in the system path, but the backup utility still says ERROR under path check.

    • Tibo
      #9 written by Tibo  6 years ago

      It should be better by now.

      You need vSphere CLI not PowerCLI.

  • ITAdminCRBC
    #10 written by ITAdminCRBC  6 years ago

    Do you have an email address we can correspond with?

  • PAT
    #11 written by PAT 4 years ago

    1) contact ne fonctionne pas sur le sit linuxlive.com. C’est pour cette raison que je passe par ce canal.
    2) après avoir booter sur ma clé USB avec Ubuntu Gnome et lancer, des lignes défilent puis mon écran s’arrête sur “bysybox V1.22.1 (ubuntu 1:1.22.0-9 ubuntu 1) built-in shell (ash). Enter help for list of built-in commandes (initramfs) unable to find medium containing a live file system”. Que faut-il faire pour avoir le bureau Ubuntu et un fonctionnement correcte? Mon pc est un ASUS ULV80V Series W7 family 64 bits. Dans l’attente, codialement.

  • Damon Harris
    #12 written by Damon Harris 4 years ago

    Hello! I noticed that you mentioned “AutoIT Framework”, its incorrect, please use “AutoIt Scripting Language”.

  • Quentin
    #13 written by Quentin 4 years ago

    Bonjour Tibo,
    J’aimerais savoir quand vous ferez une mise à jour de votre logiciel LiLi USB Creator.
    Au moins pour mettre à jour la liste des distributions !

    Je peux vous aider à faire du bêta testing 😉


    • Tibo
      #14 written by Tibo 3 years ago

      Helas, pas de date prévue suite a un événement familial heureux 😉 Peut-être durant mes congés qui arrivent.

      Toute aide est bienvenue 🙂

  • Jack
    #15 written by Jack 2 years ago

    I am trying to backup a VSCA 6.5 and it says it is successful but the log shows different, can you suggest any solution for this? Log is below:

    2017-11-13 13:02:05 : IP autodiscover is enabled
    2017-11-13 13:02:06 : gateway is set on network card with this IP :
    2017-11-13 13:02:06 : Starting vSphere Configuration Backup version 2.0
    +++ ESXi to backup : None
    +++ vCenter Server appliance to backup :
    +++ SQL Databases to backup : None
    +++ Backup folder : C:\vSphere Backups\
    +++ Backups size : 0 B
    +++ vCSA Retention : 3 backup(s) to keep
    +++ ESXi Retention : 2-Weeks
    2017-11-13 13:02:06 : Starting vCenter Server Appliance backup process
    2017-11-13 13:02:06 : Starting FTP Server on port 21
    2017-11-13 13:02:06 : Starting FTP Server on port21 with random login:password = frryagizxwarmtelukczfw:nqduqohpkjthynwbxxochv
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : FTP Server successfully started
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : Connecting to vCSA server using user [email protected]
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : REST API : POST /rest/com/vmware/cis/session
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : Logging in response : {“value”:”bd630cb4d187d63aa30c9d3eaeaa3ed0″}
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : Successfully logged into vCSA Server Rest API
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : IntelligentIPForFTP (
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : IntelligentIPForFTP : it’s an IP
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : IntelligentIPForFTP : Local server has an IP ( on the same network.
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : IP will be used for FTP access from vCSA (inteligent IP algorithm)
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : Backup will include these parts : “common”
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : Backup could not start for the following reason : Unable to authorize user
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : REST API : GET /rest/appliance/recovery/backup/job/0
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : Cound not get backup progress because of an unknown error please check the logs
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : SUCCESS : vCSA has been backed up.
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : REST API : DELETE /rest/com/vmware/cis/session
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : Teminate session response : {“value”:”bd630cb4d187d63aa30c9d3eaeaa3ed0″}
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : No vCSA backup found in folder C:\vSphere Backups\
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : No SQL database to backup.
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : Retention is set to 2-Weeks (backups older than 2017/10/30 will be deleted)
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 : No ESXi backup found in folder C:\vSphere Backups\
    2017-11-13 13:02:09 :
    vCSA backups (1 success, 0 error)


    • Tibo
      #16 written by Tibo 2 years ago

      I dont think the backup went well. Do you have any files created in vSphere-Backups/ ? The issue may be the account used for the backup, please recheck the password. If it still does not work could you please try again but with the root account of the VCSA ?

  • Nono
    #17 written by Nono 2 years ago

    LinuxLive USB Creator is a bit old now, some current Distros are no longer officially supported. Will there be updates in the future or is the project discontinued?

  • Seb
    #18 written by Seb 2 years ago

    Hi Tibo,

    It’s your old 3par architect !
    The link to download the xfer calculator redirect to the peekmon tool

    I don’t backup the tool (damned !)

    See u !

    • Tibo
      #19 written by Tibo 2 years ago

      Hello Seb ! It’s should be fixed now 🙂

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