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vSphere Configuration Backup


vSphere Configuration Backup is an automating tool for saving configurations of multiple ESXi and SQL databases.



  • Automatically backup multiple vCenter Server Appliance configuration (6.5 minimum)NEW
  • Automatically backup multiple ESXi 4.x/5.x/6.x configurations (tested on vSphere 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6, 6.5)
  • Backup of any local Microsoft SQL Databases
  • Manages basic retentions and deletes expired backup (ESXi backup only)
  • Creates a single archive per backup containing one file per ESXi
  • Add a file containing exact build numbers of each ESXi in backup archive
  • Compress backups to save space (ESXi backup only)
  • Portable software
  • All passwords are encrypted
  • Easy to configure with the “Configuration Manager.exe”
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PingPort is a command-line utility that will let you ping a TCP port and see what is the latency between you and the pinged server.



  • Ping any TCP port
  • Can be called using protocol port name instead of port number (such as https,dns,rpc … full list in Sources/Protocol.ini)
  • Can beep if status is changing from online to offline and vice versa
  • Displays how much time the equipment has been offline
  • Sub-millisecond latency display
  • Execute specific scripts (exe, ps1, or bat)  when going up or down
  • Two versions : Setup installer (coming back soon) and Portable


Usage : pingport HOSTNAME:PROTOCOL [–timeout:VALUE] [–beep]

Options :

  • HOST : can be supplied using either its HOSTNAME or IP
  • PORT : a valid TCP port / protocol shortname (http,ssh,telnet,dns …)
  • -b / –beep : beep when coming offline (low-pitch) / online (high-pitch)
  • -t / –test-only : Test only one time and returns 0 if down, 1 if up
  • -i : / –interval: Timeout in milliseconds (default is 1000)
  • –script-down: / -sd: Script (exe, ps1 or bat) to execute when going down
  •  –script-up: / -su: Script (exe, ps1 or bat) to execute when going up

Examples :

  • pingport google.com:http
  • pingport –beep -t:2000 -sd:”C:\down.exe”


AutoConf iSCSI


AutoConf iSCSI creates the iSCSI configuration following best practices for ESXi 4, 5 and 6 (new in version 2.1)

It currently works for HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE MSA P2000, HPE StoreVirtual and Dell Equallogic


  • Automatically discovers vmnics, vmhba, vswitches and vmkernel
  • Creates a vSwitch
  • Sets up vmkernel ports with IP (and jumbo frames if set)
  • (MSA mode only) alternates IP on each subnet
  • Links only one vmnic to each vmkernel ports
  • Bind each vmkernel port to software iSCSI vmhba
  • Enables software iSCSI
  • Changes PSP to Round Robin only for your storage array paths
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Xfer Calculator


Xfer Calculator is a bandwidth/transfer time/transfer size calculator.

It is very useful when you need to :

  • calculate how much time it takes to transfer a certain amount of data with a certain bandwidth
  • calculate how much data you can transfer with a certain bandwidth in a certain time window
  • calculate how much bandwith you have if you have transfered a certain amount of data in a certain amout of time


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PeekMon is a free tool for monitoring servers.

It’s very versatile and can be used on any type of server (Unix/Linux, Windows …).

It actually connects to your server by opening a TCP socket on a defined port and will display the latency.



  • Monitors any TCP port on any server
  • Shows a status icon in the system tray
  • Text can be customized using macros (Latency, hostname …)
  • Beeping if a server become offline (option)
  • Option to start with Windows
  • Connectivity detection (no alert if you only lose internet connection)
  • Advanced monitoring with Linfo


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